SIRI for Business Intelligence

With Bud you can speak to your data. Without a single click analyse your data and build the AI models. You can speak to Bud in natural language and he will always get back to you with the right insights & data.

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Speak to your Data

Unlike traditional enterprises, data-driven organizations don’t grow linearly, but exponentially. Just look at the spectacular growth of companies like Amazon and Google, who have built their entire business models around the exploration and exploitation of information. Often, this option is not available to SMEs, startups and individuals who are trying to grow their business with the data they have from different sources because of the specialised skill set they require to utilise the data.

Our mission is to make BI and Data science accessible to everyone, even a person without any sort of Data analytics or AI background. With InsightsBud, you can speak with your data in natural language and figure out key insights, build AI models, visualise it and a lot more. We believe in another 5 years, we can make the role of a data scientist completely redundant.



Check out all our amazing features. We are only getting started, more to follow! Eventually, this is going to be your personalised data scientist on demand!


Completely natural language based UI


Automated Report Generation


2FA authentication system


Supports 40+ different ML algorithms (completely automated model building)


Dashboard for CXO


Ability to create and share active dashboards


Ability to connect to any structured database systems


Automated Data cleaning, pre-processing & AI model building

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